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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC*                 41

When the Duke de Cfaoiseul was turned out
of the minstry, he called his maUre d'hdtel and
told him he was a ruined man and could no longer
afford to keep such a servant as he was. The
man replied, " Monseigneur, vous ne pourrez-vous
passer absolument de domestiques ; a'aurez - vous
pas besoin d'un marmiton ? *'

There Is now in Paris a discarded lover of
the Empress of Russia's named Yermaloff. He re-
ceived orders to quit St. Petersburg in twelve hours,
but had 100,000 roubles given to him and an
annuity of 3,000 sterling settled upon him. The
present favourite's name is Mummolow, Prince
Potemkin chooses them for her and places the
candidates somewhere in her way. When one is
accepted he becomes an aide-de-camp and receives
the visits of the courtiers and foreign ministers,
as did in France a Barri or a Pompadour*

M, de Crosne, the lieutenant of police, is not
very bright and is easily imposed upon  or, in
other words, he Is quite a blockhead. Somebody
Informed him that there was, in a certain house,
"une secte d'Anabaptistes, qui faisait beaucoup de
bruit dans le quartier.5* He went thither and
began taking his information by asking whom the
house belonged to. " A Batiste," was the reply.
"Et qui sont ceux qui s'y assemblent, et qui font